10 Things About Food That You Believe But Are Not True

“Have breakfast like a king, have lunch like a prince and have dinner like a beggar,” perhaps this is one of the phrases that have been repeated most about food. What would happen if you discovered that it is advice that you should not follow? All meals are equally important, yes, including dinner. If you are about to collapse and are wondering what will be next, read on …

Carbohydrates make you fat
When the purpose is to lose weight, some point to the classic: “If I eliminate bread and carbohydrates from my diet, I will lose weight for sure,” but this is not entirely true. Carbohydrates are mostly transformed into glucose, which turns out to be the best fuel for muscles and the brain. That is, without them, we don’t work. The key is always the amount of the portions, because it is the calories that make a person lose weight or not. In a normal diet, the recommended amount of carbohydrates is 180 grams daily.

Carbohydrates make you fat

Light products slim
On many occasions it is believed that light foods can be consumed without worry, “because they do not get fat.” They simply have fewer calories, but that does not mean they lose weight.

Dining a lot is what spoils your diet
It is shown that the time at which food is consumed is not relevant, because the key is the distribution of calories during the day. The more calories ingested, the greater the caloric expenditure necessary to not gain weight.

Drink the juice fast, the vitamins are gone
Several studies have shown that for vitamin C to disappear from an orange juice, it would be necessary to expose it to a temperature above 120ºC.

Chocolate is the culprit of acne
Indeed, the lifestyle is related to acne. But it would be unfair to blame only chocolate. The latest studies on this issue confirm that the consumption of ultra processed and stress are the main reasons.

A glass of wine a day is healthy
Unfortunately, it is a myth. Drinking any type of alcohol, be it wine, beer or a gintonic, is harmful to your health, since the consumption of these drinks is associated with an increased risk of serious illnesses, such as cancer.

Brown sugar is better.
The difference between brown and white sugar is negligible, so it cannot be guaranteed that it is healthier. What differs most between the two is its price, since the first one is sold more expensive for being “healthier”.

A glass of water with a fasting lemon is an infallible fat burner
What is effective for fat loss is to substitute other more caloric beverages, such as orange juice or coffee with milk, with a lemon water juice, which only has about 6 calories. However, we would obtain the same result by drinking only water, without the need to include lemon.

The vegetarian diet is incomplete
This belief is not true. Although if you want to follow a vegetarian diet you have to pay more attention to protein and some vitamins such as calcium or B12. All this can be compensated by increasing the intake of legumes, nuts and whole products.

You have to wait two hours after eating before bathing
The greatest enemy of summer is over, the myth of eternal digestion. What has to be taken into account after eating, is how hot our body is and how cold the water is. Try to avoid the combination of high body temperature, very cold water and very fast water entry, since if these three factors occur it is possible to suffer a sharp drop in blood pressure, which can cause dizziness, malaise and Even loss of consciousness.

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