300 million people threatened by rising sea by 2050

A recent report reveals that by the year 2050 coastal areas will begin to flood where about 300 million people worldwide now reside.

Global warming is causing devastating consequences for the planet such as rising sea levels and temperature in the oceans. In fact, as the United Nations Organization points out, if drastic measures are not taken to curb this, ** by 2050 there will be about 1 billion people sheltered by climate change.

Now, a new study by Climate Central published in the specialized journal Nature Communications reveals that by the year 2050 coastal areas will begin to flood where about 300 million people worldwide now reside. It is one of the serious consequences that will happen due to sea level rise if urgent measures are not taken.

Asian countries will be the most affected
The melting of glaciers is one of the main causes of sea level rise. Specifically, this great problem has affected the glaciers of the Alps, which have lost two meters of level; to the Arctic poles, which have been reduced by 10 percent in recent decades; to Greenland, which melts four times faster than in 2003, or to the Himalayan glaciers, which lose almost half a meter annually.

Undoubtedly, the most affected and vulnerable areas correspond to areas of Asia, Africa and South America. Specifically, the study highlights that in six Asian countries such as China, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand, there are approximately 237 million people who will suffer these floods if defense mechanisms are not activated.

200,000 Spaniards and Spaniards may suffer floods
Spain is also at a high risk of impacts that could be devastating. Around 200,000 people live in areas near the sea that will be vulnerable to these floods from 2050. The areas most affected in Spain will be the natural park of Doñana, the Ebro Delta, the Manga del Mar Menor and the municipalities of Huelva and Cádiz

In the event that no action is taken, the number of people affected in Spain will increase to 340,000 people by the year 2100, due to the continuous emission of harmful gases causing climate change. Being even more pessimistic, but also realistic, the authors of the study highlight that if the ice sheets become more unstable and the melting of glaciers continues, the risk of flooding annually in Spain will affect 700,000 people in 2100.

“Even if immediate measures to mitigate CO2 emissions are addressed, it could increase 50 centimeters over this century, while under more pessimistic scenarios, we could be talking about an increase of 2 meters,” he reveals the study.

Need for urgent measures
Governments are aware of this problem and the various authorities have this data to start executing urgent and necessary measures. If a rapid reduction in CO2 emissions is achieved, the study highlights that 50 million people would be saved from flooding annually.

In the worst case, if global warming continues to increase, we would talk about 480 million people affected globally by the year 2100. It is time to make effective decisions and plan how to reduce harmful emissions to curb the consequences of climate change, Some already irreparable.

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