5 Strange Animals that live in seas and rivers

There are many strange animals inhabiting our planet. Some were discovered very recently and others have been with us centuries. Here we leave you a small selection of strange animals that reside in our rivers and seas.

We bring you 5 strange aquatic animals. Octopuses, fish with hands, fish devours wood … Seas and rivers contain all kinds of secrets and a large part of them remains unexplored. Do not miss this selection of rare animals that you can find in the water:

Dumbo Octopus

You may hear this adorable octopus from the movie “Finding Nemo,” but it was not named in honor of Nemo’s little pink octopus. This cephalopod has small fins on its head that simulate ears, which has made it commonly known as Dumbo octopus. Its scientific name is Grimpoteuthis and they live at great depth, being one of the rarest species of octopus. But it is not as adorable as it seems, it feeds on snails, worms, bivalves, crustaceans and copepods.

Catfish “unknown”

This curious catfish devours the wood that is under the sea, scratching the organic matter that is on its surface. In this way, it feeds on algae, plants and tiny animals. This species does not yet have a particular name, since it was discovered in 2006. The place of discovery was the Amazon River in Peru, while feeding on a fallen tree. At the moment, it has been included in the family of loricáridos, known as catfish or catfish and is waiting for a name to be granted.

The particular thing about this animal is that it is not able to digest the wood, so it only swallows it to be able to digest the plants and animals that live in it, expelling it later as excrement.

sea ​​Dragon

We bring you the elegant relative of seahorse. These dragons are very similar to seahorses but differ in that they have no prehensile tail and have a much longer body. What makes them interesting is their appearance with leaf-like extensions that allow them to camouflage themselves among the algae. There is a particular algae called kelp that looks a lot like the sea dragon, so it tends to inhabit them. They can be quite large, up to 45 centimeters and the females are the ones that have lighter and more colorful colors, unlike many species.

Squid worm

The researchers who discovered this curious animal did not know how to identify it, due to its strange shape. Given the ambiguity of its appearance, the Census of Marine Life decided to name it as a squid worm. It is 10 cm long and was discovered at 2,800 meters deep in the Celebes Sea. It was not discovered until very recently, specifically, in 2007. After studying it, it was included in the annelid family. Its scientific name is Teuthidodrilus samae or squid worm of sama, sama is the denomination of an ethnic group of the Philippine Islands, not far from the place where this new species was found.

Sea pig

These animals are the smallest we present to you, they measure between 5 and 15 centimeters and have between 5 and 7 legs. To move their legs, they are hydraulically operated by means of appendages that inflate and deflate. What makes its appearance even more adorable are its apparent “antennae” which, in reality, are legs. These “antennas” serve to detect chemical traces that indicate the location of food.

The fish with hands

A fish that doesn’t swim? We introduce you to Brachiopsilus dianthus. Although it has fins, it does not use them for swimming but as hands to crawl and walk along the seabed. To date, researchers have only encountered this species 4 times and always in the area of ​​Hobart Island, in Tasmania. It measures only about 10 centimeters and the last time it was seen was in 1999. It belongs to a family known as Brachionichthyidae that has not been very studied.

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