A dangerous asteroid will orbit Earth next Saturday

A dangerous asteroid will orbit Earth next Saturday

Next Saturday, August 10, an asteroid classified as “potentially dangerous” by NASA will pass eight million kilometers from Earth, but we don’t have to worry because the chances of impact are nil.

What are potentially dangerous asteroids? Is there a possibility that they cause any damage on our planet? NASA is responsible for analyzing and monitoring objects that are in space and that can be dangerous because of their proximity to Earth.

This type of asteroid orbits the Earth at an intersection distance of 0.05 astronomical units. Therefore, from the US Space Agency they have a list of potentially harmful objects although the chances of impact on our planet are virtually nil.

In fact, an asteroid 40 meters in diameter is expected to pass very close to Earth in September, specifically seven million kilometers.

The asteroid will pass 8 million kilometers

Which one is next? The asteroid named ‘2006 QQ23’ will pass relatively close to Earth next Saturday, August 10 and has a diameter of 570 meters. It is listed as potentially dangerous but NASA’s planetary defense officer, Lindley Johnson, said in an interview with CNN that “it is a moderate-sized asteroid and is almost five million miles.”

Therefore, panic should not spread because it is not an asteroid that we should worry about, as experts say. It is located almost eight million kilometers to be exact. Quite similar objects orbit our planet every year.

NASA Satellite Diversion

In this sense, NASA has a detailed plan to divert this type of asteroids that approach our planet. The agency has the DART Project (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) which is a test of planetary defense technologies to prevent an impact of the Earth by a dangerous asteroid. This project is the first demonstration of the kinetic impactor technique to change the movement of an asteroid in space.

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