A European Vega rocket is lost two minutes after takeoff

A Vega rocket of the European company Arianespace failed in the early hours of Thursday at the launch from the base of Kurú, in French Guiana, of a satellite for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) destined for military and commercial functions.

Arianespace, a subsidiary of Airbus and Safran, explained in a statement that about two minutes after takeoff an anomaly appeared in the rocket that led to “the premature end of the mission.”

The space company said it did not know the reasons for that incident and only indicated that a data analysis is being carried out to determine it. In addition, he announced the creation of an independent investigation commission.

This is Vega’s first failure – the Arianespace light cargo rocket – after 14 successful launches since it started operating from the Kurú base in 2012.

The mission had been postponed twice in recent days due to unfavorable winds at altitude.

The FalconEye1 satellite that was to be put into orbit had been manufactured by Airbus Defense and Space and Thales Alenia Space for the UAE Armed Forces.

It was the first of a system of two identical satellites (the second, FalconEye2, was to be launched at the end of the year) equipped with Earth observation instruments with high resolution optical capabilities that was completed with a ground device for surveillance, Reception and image processing.

It weighed around 1,197 kilos at takeoff and had to operate from a heliosynchronous orbit 611 kilometers from our planet.

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