Are millennials the loneliest generation?

It may seem that millennials have enjoyed a good stage in their youth and childhood, but studies show that this generation is the loneliest so far.

Millennials are those born between 1981 and 1993. The final year may vary between 1993 and 1999. A few years that can be wonderful, everyone may think that the millennial generation had a happy childhood, but unfortunately it is not quite true since, according to some studies, millennials are the loneliest generation in history.

According to a study carried out by YouGov, 22% of millennials do not have a single friend, three out of ten confess to not having best friends and even one in four has no one to plan with.

With these data provided, the conclusion of millennials is the loneliest generation.

But there is hopeful data. 38% of the young people surveyed said they had made a new friend in the last six months.

What is the reason?

The majority of respondents stated that they have a hard time making friends because of shyness, although there are other users who consider that it is not necessary to have friends and do not even have a hobby to help them have friends.

Although an essential factor that are social networks. Millennials are one of the most connected generations, being the first to have experienced the expansion of social networks.

It is true that these platforms allow contact with many people immediately, but users can also have serious consequences such as depression and anxiety.

Being a millennial is not bad

Many of our readers will be surprised with what they have read, but being millennial also has its advantages.

We talk about them being a technological generation, but it should also be noted that they are the most prepared generation in history. 94% of millennials consider university education fundamental.

Regarding the environmental level, it is one of their priorities and many users consider that millennials are the only ones in time to save the planet.

They have the ability to easily adapt to changes and have the ability to perform several tasks simultaneously.

Despite being lonely people, they are used to working in teams and sharing resources and skills at work. Therefore, we prefer to keep the positive values ​​that this generation has that has a lot to do today.

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