Are smokers less vulnerable to coronavirus?

Many researchers theorize that tobacco use can make you less vulnerable to the coronavirus or COVID-19. Some statements that have been controversial for many doctors. Are these investigations true?

The world has been shaken with the appearance of a new virus that has infected more than a million people. Many countries are working to find a cure for something that we did not know so far.

As the weeks of quarantine have passed, new data related to the new virus has been discovered, and one of them is the theory that smokers are less vulnerable to the coronavirus due to nicotine.

Nicotine as an enemy of the coronavirus

A preliminary study by the Hospital Pitié-Salpetrière *** in Paris has explained that «smoking status seems to be a protective factor against ** COVID-19 infection, since nicotine is suggested as a possible agent preventive against infection ».

Why does that occur? The hypothesis is maintained that nicotine uses ACE2 receptors, which are the same that this virus uses to enter the body’s cells. Doctors at the French hospital theorize that this substance prevents the uncontrolled reaction of the immune system to this virus.

coronavirus, COVID19

Coronavirus, covid-19

On the other hand, through a study carried out in China, a sample of 1,000 infected people was analyzed, and only 12.6% were smokers, in proportion to the population it would be 28%.

It is planned to launch a study with nicotine patches to investigate this theory with healthcare personnel and hospitalized.

Is this data credible?

These statements have created countless debates regarding the use of these types of substances to defeat the coronavirus.

The Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery and the smoking area of ​​the same entity explain that there are no reliable scientific data, much less proven, but they can ensure that using tobacco reduces the chances of infection.

We must remember that nicotine is a substance that causes addiction and smoking involves introducing more than 4,000 toxic substances into your body, such as oxidizing substances, carbon monoxide and tar.

The consumption of tobacco produces the diminution of defenses in the respiratory system and that facilitates infections by viruses and bacteria. In addition, the action of smoking is repeated with the gesture of putting your hands to your mouth and nose, a very common route of COVID-19 infection.

In these situations it is advisable to follow a healthy routine and avoid the consumption of these substances to reduce the chances of being infected with the coronavirus or other respiratory problems.


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