Are you coming to the town of minicasas?

Are you coming to the town of minicasas

I wrote a couple of years ago that the minicasas were causing rage in France in the post The tiny house: where less is more. The rage is still as valid as the first day. Today I learn that a young entrepreneur has decided to create the first village of minicasas in France, more specifically in Saint-Brieuc, in Brittany, in northwestern France.

Aurélie Moy, who is called the entrepreneur, is 25 years old, has a degree in environmental engineering and her specialty is durable systems. Le Ty Village, that is the name of the “little village”, initially has 5 minicasas, of which 4 are already rented and residents installed for a few days. Aurélie Moy tells me that her tenants are young, that they are between 21 and 24 years old. They are full-time students at the university or young people who alternate studies and work.

Before the end of the year Moy expects 5 new houses to be incorporated into the project. And when the project is finished the young entrepreneur hopes to host up to 21 minicasas. The tiny houses (tiny house, in English) are made of wood and are mounted on wheels to move them. They measure 2.5 m. long and 4.1 m. high and can be transported by road with a trailer driving license.

The story of the “small town of minicasas” begins when Aurélie finishes her studies and decides to design her own tiny house, which she baptizes as Susy (contraction of sustainable system, sustainable system). The idea at the beginning was to install his little house, Susy, on land owned by his father in the municipality of Saint-Brieuc. The land in question measures 3,500 m2 so Moy decided to have more houses built to take advantage of the space.

Since the land is near a university campus, initially the idea is to offer houses for rent to students. The month of rent will cost about 460 euros during the school period but it varies a bit depending on the chosen minicasa. There is also the possibility that a owner of a tiny house comes with his property in tow and install it in the Ty village. Soon they will rent a minicasa at € 80 a night for those who want to try the adventure of sleeping in a minicasa without committing to a medium / long term rental.

The work of conditioning of the Ty village will last a little time. The young engineer hopes to invest in solar panels, in a rainwater recovery system, in a fruit tree garden, in an orchard, in bee hives, in a chicken coop and in a recycling system for organic waste.

Moy’s idea is to create a school and for the small village to set the stage for workshops on biodiversity or how to make your own organic fertilizer. And above all, the goal is to create a school in the sense of encouraging other entrepreneurs to proclaim the good news of the tiny houses. There are many other French convinced that “less is more”. You can check who has a minicasa on this interactive map that lists the initiatives of tiny houses in France.

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