Best 8 ways to Meditate

Alright apps are good. I like headspace. But a lot of the time it’s the same thing.

  1. Sit down in a comfortable way. Usually with your legs crossed, or if you want in a chair.
  2. Relax, take a few deep breaths, and gently close your eyes when you’re ready.
  3. Focus on the weight of your body pressing into the chair and floor. Kind of check in with all of the sensations around you. Like noise, touch, and smell for a minute or so.
  4. Gradually shift your focus to your breath. Really feel the sensations of your breathing: chest rising up and down, or how it feels from your mouth or nose to take that breath. Basically whatever part of the sensation you want.
  5. After a minute or a few minutes of focusing on you breath start to scan your body starting from your head to your toes. Label any feelings of comfort or discomfort and try to do this to get a sense of your body but not getting too caught up in any of the sensations. So you can just say in your head comfort or discomfort if you want and move on to scanning the next part.
  6. After your done that start focusing on your breathing again like in step 4, but everytime you notice getting lost in a thought note that you got lost in a thought and get back to focusing on the breath. You can count breaths on the exhale if you want. This is the part of meditation that will take up the bulk of your session.

Thoughts will come, that’s normal, but there’s ways that you can look at each thought to distance yourself from them. You can think of a thought as a cloud moving through the sky. Sometimes you’ll have lots of clouds in the sky but above those clouds is an empty clear blue sky. You can look at each thought as a car flying by in traffic. I tend to look at each thought as a commercial on a movie screen. Thinking happens, your goal isn’t to stop it, but just notice when you’ve been caught up in it and shift your focus back to the breath. Some days there will be a loud of clouds in the sky, a lot traffic on the highway, and a lot of commercials on the screen; and that’s all cool.

7. After a while of doing step 6 return to let your brain go free and start coming back to the sensations of your bodyweight on the floor or chair, the sounds in the room your in and when your ready you can open your eyes.

8. Take a minute to see how you feel and then your done.

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