Best Tips to keep your Pets safe while walking in the summer

That is, unless your pet does wear shoes, which can help this. Also, the pavement can be hotter than than the air, so while you feel the 85 degree air, your pet is feeling 100 degree air. Plan walks accordingly and pay attention to what they’re trying to tell you.

Your pets don’t wear shoes! When taking them on walks in the summer, they can burn their feet on asphalt. Be conscious of this and if they’re trying to get to the grass, let them.

Can confirm, we use mushers balm in the winter to help our girl with chapped feet.

Picking him up amd carying him over to the grass and back inside will do just fine. My SIL puts wet wash cloths in cold water for her dogs. She moves them around the house so the dogs can cool their paws or just keep them intheir mouths. They love chewing on cold rags.

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