Bryan Cranston thinks Vince Gilligan is done with Breaking Bad after El Camino

Cranston says he doesn’t see Gilligan going back to the world of Breaking Bad after El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story

“Well, the good thing about it is that he’s explored everything around it, but he hasn’t touched the actual Breaking Bad canon,” Cranston tells EW. “He’s gone before and explored this crazy lawyer that we have in Better Call Saul and me and now he’s gone after it in exploring what happened to Jesse Pinkman. I think he’s going to leave it there. He’s touched upon two areas that did bring curiosity and fan interest, but I think as a proud storyteller, he’ll leave well enough alone.” Cranston also says he doesn’t see him and Aaron Paul acting together again, at least not in the near future. “We can’t work together,” Cranston says, calling El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie a “unique situation.” Cranston adds: “I think it would be a mistake for us to act together again in something so soon. I think there has to be a period of time — the statute of limitations may wear off at some point and we go, ‘Hey! I think it’s time!’ If we find the right material, that we feel there’s been enough years past that we can legitimately be different characters and not bump the audience and that sort of thing. Other than that, we have satisfied our desire to be together by doing Dos Hombres. We’re having a great time. It’s flying off the shelves. We’re excited about that. And we keep expanding and who knows where it all can go.”

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