Can eSports be an Olympic sport?

There is a clash of opinions regarding the world of eSports. Many sports associations consider video game competitions to be a sport and, who knows, can be part of the Olympic Games.

In a few months we will see the best athletes fighting for gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. This edition will have several novelties both in technological innovation, as in the sporting aspect, but the debate that keeps public opinion divided continues: consider eSports as an Olympic sport.

Video games as “sports activity”
The eSports industry is growing at high speed. An activity that attracts a high percentage of young audiences. For this reason, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) accepts this industry and its competitions as a sports activity.

Why are eSports a sporting activity? The IOC takes into account that professional video game players undergo training and preparations of great intensity comparable to that of an elite athlete.

Also to be part of the great sports team that are the Olympics have to have organizations that ensure compliance with the rules of eSports tournaments. These organizations would be responsible for detecting traps during the game, avoiding bets and even having anti-doping controls.

Are all eSports titles Olympic?
Video game competitions have managed to fill stadiums where the best players demonstrate their skills in League of Legends or Fortnite.

In this context, many will think that any video game is valid for eSports to be accepted as an Olympic sport, but the reality is different.

The IOC wants to transmit a series of Olympic values ​​that have been in force since its creation in 1894. These values ​​put many titles that are part of videogame tournaments between a rock and a hard place.

For the IOC, video games like FIFA and NBA 2K can form the values ​​that the entity wants to convey because they are of the sports genre. But the case of titles that may be violent in the League of Legends and Overwatch style could not be part of the Olympics.

eSports como deporte olímpico

Objective: Los Angeles 2028
What is clear is that the Tokyo 2020 and Paris 2024 Olympic Games will not have any discipline related to eSports, but what about 2028?

Currently the Olympic program has 28 fixed modalities and in each edition one more sport is added. As is the case with Tokyo 2020, karate, baseball and climbing have been included.

What is certain is that in the coming years, –– the committee will work to say yes to eSports as an Olympic sport and, who knows, if the objective will be met before the end of the decade.

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HEAD PICTURE: Gonzalo Chavarri.

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