China detects a mysterious substance in the moon’s hidden face

China, through the Chang’e 4 mission, has managed to take new images of the hidden face of the Moon that show a mysterious bright and jelly-like substance.

The first time that the human being managed to reach the Moon was with the Apollo 12 mission in 1969. 50 years have passed and, since then, countries have competed for the space race and to conquer the Moon or other planets like Mars.

One of the great missions has been to reach the hidden side of the Moon and China seems to be getting it. Through the Chand’e 4 rover, this country has managed to visit the hidden face of our satellite. To do this, in the first place, China ensured communications with the creation of the Queqiao satellite sent in 2018 to an orbit to monitor the hidden face and enable the communication network necessary to subsequently send a space probe.

Study the geology of the Moon

In this sense, the Chinese probe Chang’e 4 successfully reached in January this year the moon landing on the hidden side of the Moon, as reported by the National Space Administration of China (ANEC). This milestone took place in the Aitken basin, at the south pole of the satellite, and the main objective is to transport tools to study the geology of the area.

Undoubtedly, these images, achieved on August 17, have attracted the attention of the entire scientific world, although the origin of this mysterious material is unknown at the moment. However, some experts say it may be a consequence of the same impact of the crater.

Although the images are not completely clear, it is the first time that a ship descends on the hidden face of the Moon since we cannot see it from Earth due to the ‘synchronous rotation’. A new milestone that brings us closer to the origin of our universe.

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