Devices that consume energy at home without us noticing

From turning off the appliances completely and not leaving them in suspended mode until using shorter and cooler programs in the washing machine. Meet some useful recommendations that we collect in these lines and that you can start implementing now.

By applying these tips you are not going to “make gold”, but you are going to save a certain amount of money on the next energy bills. In addition, although they are not very significant, we will know that we are not wasting resources such as water or electricity unnecessarily.

We are usually our elders who care more about these issues, but it is not too much to be informed about which devices consume energy without us noticing.

The mobiles, present everywhere
Of all electronic devices, our smartphone or smartphone is the one that spends the most time with us and also the one we use the most. There are already even those who consider that they will work as our ID, in a context of digitizing everything.

We often have certain functions activated even when we are not using them. The location, for example, is useful and necessary for certain apps and services, but leaving it active consumes battery. The same thing happens with having the Wi-Fi on when we are not connected to a network. Of course, all the tools that we keep open and not close, in which a lot of information moves, such as social networks, games or the music player, also consume the phone’s energy. Lowering the brightness of the screen is a trick to save energy.

What about the plugs? This applies not only to mobile chargers, but to any device. When it is charged, it should be disconnected from the source, because if it does not continue to consume electricity.

The fridge, the appliance that spends the most
According to data from a report on the subject made by the Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE), houses account for a fifth of all the energy consumed in Spain. Of these figures, refrigerators represent 30%.

When talking about the energy consumption of an appliance such as an appliance, several factors must be taken into account. The consumption itself and the time of its use. In the case of the refrigerator, the consumption is not as high as the oven or the microwave, which need more power. But the difference is that the fridge is working 24 hours a day.

Open a short time and close when we finish taking the food, gather it and store it all together to avoid doing it many times and putting food when they are not hot are tricks that allow us to make more optimal use of this device. It is also worth knowing that refrigerators with A +++ label, the most efficient, consume up to 75% less than D.

Other large appliances
The washing machine is the third appliance that consumes the most energy in homes, according to the aforementioned report. Although the figures vary from one house to another, depending on the number of people and clothes used, they represent about 12% of the energy of a house. Cold and short wash programs, as far as possible, will reduce the amount.

The dishwasher -or dishwasher- is another essential in today’s homes. It solves us a lot, avoiding us having to continuously scrub, but it requires a large dose of water for its operation. It is recommended to wait until it is full to start it up and use short and ecological programs.

Also in the kitchen we have the oven, microwave and hob, three appliances that often complement each other and can be replaced between them. In the case of the oven and the microwave, its consumption is not the highest, since they are very efficient. One trick is to take advantage of the heat generated. The vitroceramics, however, are appliances that require a large power. Induction plates consume up to 40% less than traditional ones, so you may want to buy one.

dispositivos que consumen energia

The computer and television, two of the devices that consume more energy
We do not forget them. The computer and television are, together with mobile phones, the most present technological devices in Spanish homes. This is indicated by the report “Equipment and use of information and communication technologies in homes”, published by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

In your case, in addition, consumption becomes more unnoticed than with kitchen appliances. To save with television, an easy solution – which, however, often resists – is to turn it off completely when we stop watching it. The standby consumes, even if it is not ringing or displaying images. We can apply the same advice to the computer and also, where appropriate, lower the brightness of the screen.

Between the two devices it is estimated that they consume 20% of the energy demanded in a house.

Of course there are more tricks to optimize electricity consumption, although applying a few you will already notice the difference.

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