Discover how to become independent and respect the environment

With what it has cost you to leave the nest, and we are not referring only to the sentimental part, now you will wonder what to do to save energy by talking. You like to recycle, not let the tap run and turn off all the lights when you leave your room, but what else influences inside a home to respect the environment as much as possible?

If we made a list of things to consider when we are looking for a flat, we would never become independent. So, in addition to the classic, good, beautiful and cheap, we like to give importance to another factor: sustainability. Facing the first gas or electricity bill can be a traumatic moment.

Therefore, one of the main keys is to look at how the radiators are placed, in case you need a heated floor. It is best to avoid anything that covers them, because this hinders their performance. The more released it is, the more hot air it will circulate. In this way, the room will get warm before.

Wooden windows are ideal for retaining heat
“Mom, shut up, there’s current and I’m cold.” How many times will we have repeated that phrase on Saturday mornings? And how many times will we have obtained the same answer? “You have to ventilate the house, you put on a blanket and that’s it.” And reason was not lacking. As recommended, the best time to ventilate the house is at 12 noon for 10 or 15 minutes. It is preferable to do so at that time than at 7 in the morning so that the house does not get so cold.

Another of the advice given by experts is to pay attention to the so-called phantom consumption. Normally, a newly independent home is empty during the day. Therefore, it is advisable not to have all electronic devices turned on throughout the day. The only appliance that spends more turning it on and off is the refrigerator. Everyone else is better to turn them on only when they are to be used.

Beyond these little tricks to be the independent of the year, during the week of September 20 to 27 there will be actions around the world to raise awareness among individuals and administrations to take measures to respect the environment. Although you cannot go to any of the proposed actions, without a doubt, it is time to act.

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