Ebola is once again becoming an international health emergency

This has been decreed by the World Health Organization after the recent spread of the virus by the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The shadow of Ebola is still present in many African areas. In fact, it has now become one of the main threats to continental health.

To remember what Ebola means as a disease, we must first explain what it is. It is a very dangerous virus in contact with the human organism. Its first effects consist of fever, muscle and throat pain and a weakness extended to all areas of the body. Once this first phase has passed, the virus develops a greater potential producing vomiting, diarrhea and internal and external bleeding. Patients who suffer from it die within a few days, mainly due to dehydration and multiple organ failures.

The spread of the virus becomes effective through direct contact with the lesions produced in the skin, mouth and nose, blood and all body fluid of the affected.


The state of alert shakes the international health community

Recent cases diagnosed in the Congolese country have returned the focus of the World Health Organization to the virus. One of the most worrisome has been that of a priest in the border city of Goma.

This case is special because it is a city with around two million inhabitants. In addition, when he finds himself on the border with Rwanda, he suggests that contagion beyond the Congolese lines is possible.

Also the neighboring country, Uganda, has detected several isolated cases within its territory, for that reason, a viral crisis is feared in the countries that form the heart of Africa.

This new outbreak emerged just a year ago, approximately in August 2018, and almost 1,700 people have been killed, in addition to 2,500 cases under treatment.

After the outbreak between 2014 and 2016, WHO has decided to raise the alert level to the maximum and has asked for international help to stop it. But, for now, and in the words of the organization itself, such help does not arrive, which hinders its action in the area. In addition to internal conflicts, which lately have increased in that place.

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