Ecology is not a millennial invention

Ecology is not a millennial invention

Cloth bags are not an invention of the 21st century, nor is nearby trade. All we are doing is returning to the customs of yesteryear that were much more beneficial to the environment in which we live. Although we are sorry, environmentalism is not a matter of millennials.

If someone told you that your grandparents were more environmentally friendly without really being aware of it, would you believe it? We would flatly deny it, although if we stop to think alike it doesn’t sound so crazy… We discovered some of the sustainable activities that our elders did many years ago.

Cloth bags and napkins too
How proud we are to reject the plastic bag offered by cashiers in the supermarket, because we already have our own cloth from home. But, without taking away the importance of this action, it is not a revolutionary gesture. Our grandmothers already had these types of bags and, in addition, they made them themselves with their own remnants. The same thing happened with napkins or tablecloths. They were not intended to be used and disposed of. Being cloth they washed when necessary and were reused. Yes, they beat us twice.

Buying in the commuter and bulk trade
“Buy only what is needed at any time.” That was the motto of our elders. Thus, they only bought what they were going to cook or use. With this they avoided the waste and that the food got bad. In addition, nothing to buy the legumes or rice in containers, usually plastic, our grandparents asked for the weight and took it in a package of brown paper, in which the same shopkeeper made the accounts to save paper.

Seasonal products only
Does it seem strange to anyone that it is possible to buy strawberries and oranges throughout the year? To our grandparents yes and much. Until recently, only seasonal fruit was eaten, that is, the fruits that corresponded to each season: strawberries in spring and oranges in winter. With this we all won: the fruit was tastier and the contamination of transport and continuous importation was avoided.

Coffee for the whole family
Coffee capsules are an invention of the 21st century. Formerly, when coffee was made, coffee was made for everyone, even for those who were not. It was prepared in the morning and reheated if you wanted to drink hot throughout the day. For our grandparents this drink was also a delicacy, so they did not waste a drop.

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