Find your “other me” and learn science by watching ‘Rick and Morty’

‘Rick and Morty’ is that animated series that mixes science fiction, emotion and black humor masterfully. Apparently light and inconsequential, the series is impregnated with a philosophical depth that traps you in its universe. Well, rather, in its multiple universes. Prepared? Here we go!

Rick Sánchez is a retired scientist, with psychopathic traits, who lives in the garage of his daughter’s house. His grandson, Morty, is the other protagonist of the adventures in which they immerse themselves in each chapter. He is a teenager who is missing a couple of springs, who has to learn to deal with special missions in parallel universes with his routine, no less peculiar. The exploits are usually a hallucinogenic trip for the viewer, which both protagonists take very seriously, even if they lack meaning: a chapter stars a pickle.

At the end of the day, what each chapter is about is the least, because what really matters is to see those two characters visiting other dimensions, in search of other Ricks and other Mortys, which, sometimes, are in danger or well they pose a threat to the “real”.

With this recurring idea throughout the series, his screenwriters Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland show that there is always another universe and “another me”, that is, you always have another chance. Although as soon as they give you a breath of positivism, as they take away the energy the next minute to remind you that, if you have the opportunities you have, you’re going to mess it up. Therefore, although there are infinite galaxies nothing really changes

And now that, probably, curiosity has taken you to Netflix to see a chapter, and your head is about to explode, we tell you that it is possible to go even further with ‘Rick and Morty’. How? Learning science thanks to the series.

Who was going to tell us? For us who had a hard time understanding at what point they found a train leaving Barcelona at 2 with another train leaving Madrid 30 minutes later. At the beginning of the series, Rick takes the opportunity to give a lesson “amoral” to his grandson – and other humans -: “Morty tell me! Could you tell me what that thing is? Would you be taught this at school? ”, While showing him one of his experiments.

‘Rick and Morty’ hides a lot of science

The chapter in which Rick becomes a pickle to get rid of going to family therapy teaches us that for a being that measures between 10 and 30 centimeters it would be possible for him to become an exoskeleton with cockroaches. Right now, science does not allow us to transform ourselves into a pickle, two Japanese researchers, Holzer and Shimoyama, were able to control the movement of cockroaches, lizards and rats, among others, by direct electrical impulses to their brains.

The neutrino bombs, which repeat several times throughout the series, do not exist, but the neutron bombs do. What is the difference between neutrinos and neutrons? The former maintain a weak interaction with the rest of the subject. This could cross the Earth without colliding with any particles, so a burst of these would be harmless.

However, a neutron bomb is like an H with a high radiation load. They could explode, be lethal to living beings and not destroy material structures.

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