Free translation applications to carry in your pocket

Free translation applications to carry in your pocket

Tourism is one of the most practiced activities in our time, and going from one country to another is very cheap compared to years ago. But language can be a barrier, since if we don’t speak the language of the place, we can’t communicate.

There is nothing more frustrating than traveling to a country where another language is spoken and not making you understand. If you do not know the language spoken where you go, it is advisable to learn some basic phrases or words of conversation, more than anything to know where such a place is, what is your room or where the service is, to name three common examples. If you do not know the language of the place and there nobody speaks your language, once the best option was to carry a notebook with words and phrases or a guide to common expressions. But today, with the help of smartphones, you can install translation applications that tell you what a restaurant sign or menu says or what the taxi driver or hotel receptionist is telling you. Earlier in we have seen some simultaneous translation tools for smartphones that more than meet our language needs, such as iTranslate or Skype Translator. But, fortunately, there are many more options, paid and free and that cover the most spoken languages. Let’s see a selection of free simultaneous translation applications for you to install on your Android phone or on your iPhone and you can use them in any country.

Google Translate / Google Translate
The Google translation tool is one of its most popular services along with YouTube and the search engine itself. It is integrated in many web pages and in your Chrome browser and also its mobile version has improved greatly over time. Currently, Google Translate for Android and iOS not only translates single words and phrases that we write at the moment. What really makes it useful in travel is that it allows you to translate more than 50 languages ​​offline (prior download), very practical to avoid spending data via roaming. In addition, with the camera you can translate instantly by focusing on a sign or message or from a photograph. It also translates conversations in more than 30 languages ​​both ways. Leaving aside that, as in most cases, the translation is not 100% accurate, the Google translator has been improving and, at the very least, will allow us to get out of a bind and make ourselves understood in common situations.
Babylon Touch
Another popular translation tool is Babylon, which has been a program for Windows for years and also has a version for Android and iOS for some time. As in the previous case, Babylon Touch uses the camera of your smartphone to see signs, messages or books and translate the textual content into the language chosen among the 12 available. However, translate single words, so you will need a minimum level to understand the entire text.

Microsoft Translator
Microsoft also brings its grain of sand with Microsoft Translator (Android, iOS), which makes the Google translator competent with virtually the same functions. Specifically, Microsoft Translator translates written text, voice messages, real-time conversations and allows you to download language packs for offline translations. The text translates it by writing it or using the camera of your smartphone. As for voice messages, in addition to translating, you can pronounce the translated phrase in the language you need instead of fighting yourself for trying to read it. Finally, it has a list of customizable frequent translations to have on hand when you need them most and less time you have to search for them.
There are no two without three, and if Google and Microsoft have their translators, the Russian search engine Yandex could not be left out. Yandex.Translate (Android, iOS) translates more than 80 languages ​​in online mode and 7 offline (previous download). It also allows you to pronounce words or phrases in English, Turkish or Russian and translate them instantly and repeat the app itself by voice, as well as translate posters by photographing them.

Finally, a translation app less known but no less practical. Thought so much to write a word or phrase as to say it out loud, iSpeech (Android, iOS) translates up to 7 different languages ​​by voice and text up to 18, which you can also read with your own voice synthesizer.

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