Graphene clothes to prevent mosquito bites?

Graphene clothes to prevent mosquito bites?

A team of researchers from Brown University in the United States has shown that graphene is able to prevent mosquito bites on the skin.

Why is graphene considered the material of the future? This ultra-resistant material is composed of a substance that we know very well: graphite. However, it differs in its structure, since graphene is composed of atoms and bonds that are structured in hexagonal form.

Although the first studies on this material date back to the 1930s, we did not really know its usefulness until in 2004 researchers Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov of the University of Manchester worked on its isolation at room temperature. For this analysis of graphene, considered too unstable until then, they received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010.

The toughest material in the world

The truth about this material is that it is the strongest that exists, resistant, flexible and lightweight, which allows it to be useful in any sector or field since its opportunities for use are unlimited.

In addition to being one of the best materials for electronics due to its high connectivity, it has also been discovered that it is key for other uses such as in human tissues. In fact, a team of scientists from the Technical University of Munich has carried out tests with this material for implants in tumor tissues, checking the compatibility between graphene and the human body.

Its usefulness in the field of health is undeniable, but also in commercial applications beyond electronics. Flexible touch screens, dental pieces, paper, concrete, sports equipment, clothing … as we have said your opportunities are unlimited.

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Able to avoid insect bites

Now, this unique material that has revolutionized the industrial and scientific sector could have another great application: put an end to mosquito bites. A team of researchers from Brown University in the United States has shown that graphene is able to block the signals that these insects use to detect blood.

The article, published in the magazine ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’, reveals how graphene acts as a protective layer against bites, since mosquitoes cannot pass through it, even if it is an ultra-fine material. “We had been working on fabrics that incorporate graphene as a barrier against toxic chemicals, and we began to think what else the approach might be good for,” said Robert Hurt, lead author of the study.

The study was carried out with several volunteers who offered to introduce their arm into a box full of mosquitoes. One part had its limb coated with a layer of graphene oxide, while the rest had nothing.

The researchers discovered how the skin covered with the graphene layer had no bites. In addition, they could also verify that when the arm was covered with graphene oxide, the mosquitoes did not approach. Therefore, they concluded that this material is also able to deter their signals.

Can you imagine a clothes capable of avoiding mosquito bites? Soon you will arrive with this material.

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