Greenify tells you which Android apps consume the most battery

Along with the coverage, the battery is one of the main elements of your smartphone. It lasts more or less depending on the apps you have open.

No matter how new your smartphone is, no matter how big it is, its battery is finite. It will last several days or a few hours, depending on the intensive use you make. Obviously, more use, less duration. Record video, play music or take pictures consume more battery. The same happens if you spend all day writing on WhatsApp or watching Instagram.

Android has tools to know which applications consume more battery and thus decide what to do with them. It even allows to optimize the operation of the same to reduce the consumption when you have little battery and thus lengthen it a little more until you can charge your phone.

In addition, there are third-party applications such as Greenify that will analyze the use and operation of your smartphone and tell you which applications monopolize the battery so you can decide what to do with it.

Looking for the guilty
Although it is inevitable that the battery your smartphone runs out sooner or later, it is always possible to improve or extend its duration. Maybe the problem is in an app that you need but it is possible that there are applications that you do not use so much and that drain your battery without knowing it.

To solve this doubt, you can try Greenify and it will tell you how the applications and the consumption they make, if they are in the background, if they are programmed for a certain moment, if they will slow down your smartphone …

However, you can also opt for an automated mode that takes care of you to freeze the apps you don’t need at that time and allow the ones you do need, better managing the battery usage that the background applications do.

In addition, Greenify allows you to freeze applications manually in specific cases where you want to extend the battery or even the performance of your smartphone.

And although some of its functions require root on Android, Greenify adapts to your situation. If you have root, it will offer you specific solutions and the same if you indicate that you do not have root. In any case, from the Greenify Settings you will see all the available options, even the experimental ones, so you can decide if you want to activate them or know more about them.

Like Android’s resource optimization options, Greenify doesn’t work miracles. If you use your smartphone constantly, the battery will last less than if you just look at it a couple of times a day. However, with this tool you will learn more about how your applications work and you will find the person responsible for your battery to last less than it should.

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