How did the big bang start?

A team of scientists from the University of Florida (USA) has been able to discover in their laboratory the necessary conditions for an explosion like the Big Bang to occur.

One of the great unknowns of our existence is how the universe originated and with our existence. How is it possible for stars, planets and galaxies to form? To find answers to these questions, the famous Big Bang theory or ‘Big Bang’ came up.

Can this theory explain the origin of the universe? He argues that the universe, as we know it today, originated 13.7 billion years ago as a result of a large explosion in space known as Big Bang. However, why did this explosion happen?

A flame can accelerate and explode on its own

Now there can be an explanation for all this. A team of scientists from the University of Florida (USA), led by Dr. Kareem Ahmed, has been able to discover by chance in his laboratory the conditions necessary for an explosion like the Big Bang to occur.

The researchers were immersed in tests to produce a hypersonic jet propulsion when they discovered that a flame could accelerate and explode on its own.

“We explored these supersonic reactions for propulsion, and as a result, we found a mechanism that seemed very interesting. When we began to deepen, we realized that this is related to something as deep as the origin of the universe, ”says Ahmed about the research published in the journal Science.


Work method

What did the research consist of? The team of scientists applied the exact amount of turbulence and mixed it with an unconfined flame to perpetuate itself. The flame began to burn ingested energy, which resulted in an explosion of hypersonic supernova.

“We define the fundamental criteria in which we can boost a flame to self-generate its own turbulence, accelerate spontaneously and go on to detonation,” they explained in the statement issued. “We are using turbulence to improve the mixing of reactions to the point where it transforms into this violent reaction and essentially leads to supernovae, which exploit stars in simple terms. We are carrying a simplified flame where it is reacting at five times the speed of sound, ”they conclude.

This new discovery could mark a before and after in the history of science to corroborate how our entire universe originated.

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