How Israel uses AI to identify at-risk patients for Covid-19

Maccabi Healthcare Services in Israel has identified risky patients in its database using artificial intelligence.

Identifying at-risk patients is a task that can improve healthcare in this coronavirus crisis. They are the most vulnerable people, the ones that have the most possibilities of an aggravation of the disease. So having them located and well assisted is a protection factor added to all the others.

In Israel they have tested a system that provides for the early identification of at-risk patients. It has been launched by the Maccabi Healthcare Services organization. It is a classification system based on artificial intelligence. The entity covers 2.4 million people and among them has searched for the most vulnerable.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the organization has marked 2% of its patients. In total there are around 40,000 people. All of them are identified and have been put on a preferential waiting list to take the test.

And it is precisely this. Try to detect the disease earlier in the most vulnerable. Risky patients at Maccabi Healthcare Services have been identified based on a number of parameters. To do this, a system similar to that used to find out who is most vulnerable to influenza has been used.

Smart Field Hospital

The algorithm has used millions of medical records, dating back 27 years, to assess age, medical conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, as well as the person’s hospital admission history.

With all this information, artificial intelligence is able to identify risky patients who may have been overlooked. In addition, the system is also capable of determining the level of treatment one of these people will need if they fall ill.

Artificial intelligence as an ally in the pandemic

The use of artificial intelligence against the coronavirus has been explored on the go. The emergency situation has caused systems to be improvised, which will later be optimized.

In China, an algorithm was created to detect patients with Covid-19 using artificial intelligence. And in many countries the possibility of digging deeper into the data to anticipate the spread of the virus or outbreaks arises. There is even debate about the use of people’s medical data in defense at the regional or national level against diseases such as coronavirus. Not forgetting that the BlueDot company was one of the first to report on the expansion of the Covid-19 thanks to AI techniques.

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