How long would a trip take to reach another planet fit for life

A group of scientists has considered how long it would take the human being, with the current means, to reach another planet suitable for life.

From the Initiative for Interstellar Studies organization, focused on research and dissemination of everything related to interstellar travel, they have considered how long it would take for the human being to reach a potentially habitable planet with the current media. The answer is not certain, but it is estimated that the trip would last between several hundred years and a full millennium.

That if an exoplanet in the solar system of Proxima Centauri B, the closest of the stars, will be taken as the objective. The organization’s scientists point out that physical challenges would not be the most difficult to solve. In fact, they point out that technically it would be possible to make such a trip.

The problem – or the many of them there are – is evidently in issues such as the survival of generations during a journey of hundreds of years or protection against cosmic rays.

One of the challenges currently facing aerospace scientists when they arrive on Mars is how to protect astronauts from cosmic rays. And before an infinitely longer trip, the problem increases exponentially.

planeta apto para la vida

Of course, the organization of the life of a group of human beings for generations, the unpredictability of how life in space would affect the organism, the provision of food, water. There are many obstacles to solve, beyond the physical and technical limitations that would be needed to reach a planet fit for life.

Multiple objectives

Today, multiple planets that could have conditions similar to Earth are already known. On a map of the discovered exoplanets, NASA showed a huge amount of these celestial bodies. Some of which seem to have points in common with our own planet.

NASA has created a satellite tool designed to search for planets similar to Earth. It is another incentive to the global effort made to find exoplanets, especially those similar to Earth.

Although the truth is that one of the biggest problems would arise when arriving at the new poses. It would potentially be habitable, but what if it wasn’t?

Images: NASA

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