How many times can I reuse a bottle of water?

The population is increasingly aware of the reuse of some products, but can we reuse anything? In the case of reusing a bottle we wonder how many times we can use it and if it can be harmful in the long term.

We are faced with a situation that makes us ecological people. All of us, with our contribution, can solve the current climate problems. One of the most used trends is the reuse of the most common plastics such as bottles. But how many times can a plastic bottle be reused safely? Then we explain it to you.

Can it be harmful?
Many users who have ever reused a plastic container have come to hear the claim that these bottles can release components that are harmful to our well-being in the water. Is true or false?

What is true is that plastic bottles are manufactured by a series of compounds that make our packaging resistant as well as lightweight. It is also true that, decades ago, plastic bottles carried a component called Bisphenol A that could cause long-term diseases, such as cancer.

A fact that can be alarming, but we no longer have to worry about this rumor that has been circulating since ancient times.

Currently, in Europe specifically, it is forbidden that the containers contain this component and therefore it is manufactured with polyethylene terephthalate. It should be said that this material is under study with the objective of demonstrating whether it is harmful or not.

Consider the numbers
It may be strange, but the answer to how many times a plastic bottle can be reused is in the numbers.

To avoid risks to our health, manufacturers have implemented a scale of seven numbers in which each figure is assigned to a type of polymer.

For example, bottles whose number is 7 means that it contains Bisphenol A, while number 3 indicates that the packaging is made of PVC. In this case, the plastic bottles we use are type 1.

Type 1 plastics are those that do not release any component over time and is not harmful to their consumption.

cuántas veces se puede reutilizar una botella de plástico

Hygiene issue
With this data we conclude that we can use our bottle countless times. But we must take into account the factors that are foreign to the container such as the temperature at which the material is exposed or the hygiene of the container.

In this case it is advisable to clean the bottle once its use is finished as if it were a glass container, such as the glasses we use in our homes.

As you can see, plastic has become an important element when creating tools, but also its inappropriate use can lead to environmental problems.

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