How Microsoft wants to achieve a negative emission balance

The Redmond company has set out to achieve a negative balance of emissions in 2030 through measures that capture CO2 from the atmosphere.

Microsoft’s plan is ambitious with desire. The company has proposed to go a step further in reducing emissions. It is not enough to eliminate the carbon footprint, we must recover the lost ground. The objective set by the company is to achieve a negative emission balance by 2030.

Microsoft has already implemented initiatives to reduce emissions. He has even tried unusual formulas in this regard, such as creating underwater data centers. A way to save energy and, consequently, emissions, by cooling systems with seawater.

It is not the only technology company that follows this policy. Within the sector many have turned to renewables. Apple has managed to be completely green in its energy expenditure. Telefónica in Spain got it in 2018 and goes along the same lines in the rest of the world.

Microsoft has decided to achieve a negative balance of emissions to deepen this trend. The 2030 date is marked on the calendar. But only as a first stage. The second will arrive in 2050. For this year the company wants to have eliminated all the emissions that it has released into the atmosphere since 1975, when Bill Gates founded the company.

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In search of a negative balance of emissions
To achieve its objectives, the company will invest 1,000 million dollars in a fund for climate innovation. It is about finding solutions to reduce emissions and develop CO2 absorption technologies.

In addition, Microsoft has marked a roadmap with several steps. In 2025 it plans to operate only with renewable energy. All of your data centers, buildings and campuses will be emission neutral. By 2030 the electrification of the entire fleet of vehicles on its campuses is planned.

Another of the formulas that Microsoft will use to achieve its goals is to collaborate with its customers around the emission reduction objectives. The company also plans a program to involve employees in this global corporate movement.

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