How the USA uses drones to detect possible cases of Covid-19

Drones are a tool that has been used in different places during the pandemic, including its use to detect possible cases of Covid-19.

In the United States, drones have begun to be used for control tasks during the epidemic. It is not the first country to use these devices as weapons to fight the coronavirus. In China they have already been used even to disinfect, while in places like Spain they have been used to warn people. In the end it is about avoiding new possible cases of Covid-19.

The Westport Police Department in the state of Connecticut has tested the use of drones in light of the epidemic. One of the functions to which these aircraft would be dedicated would be the monitoring of the social distance between people. To fulfill their mission, they have specialized sensors and artificial vision systems. With them they allow you to calculate if people keep their distance.

But this is only one of its functions. The other will be to detect possible cases of Covid-19. They will do this with the help of their sensors, capable of measuring body temperature, as well as heart rate and respiratory levels. In the same way, you can also identify people who sneeze or cough amid groups of people.

Drones do not need to approach to identify these symptoms. Its technology can detect possible cases of Covid-19 from almost 60 meters away. In reality, the use of these aircraft responds to a basic principle. It is about avoiding exposure to the virus, in this case by law enforcement.

Posibles casos de Covid-19

The support of drones
Drones have been seen in fire support efforts or in the rescue of people, and even taking medicines to isolated areas. And now they are used to support measures against the coronavirus.

They have warned the population about security measures, through loudspeakers. But drones have also been used in disinfection. This has happened in China, in the city of Shenzhen. There, a drone model prepared to spray the fields in agricultural tasks, sprayed the streets with disinfectant. To this work other means have been added that avoid the exposure of the workers. Like autonomous vans, which have also been used in China.

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