How to be positive when life is hitting hard?

“Being strong” can manifest by doing what needs doing. I’m assuming you are the oldest sibling by your post (and maybe an adult?) so maybe you’re taking over the grocery shopping, making sure the bills are paid, helping make phone calls to insurance, providing care once your parents are home, delegating age-appropriate tasks to your siblings. Also remember to take time for you. “Put on your own mask before assisting others.”

As others have said, also take time to talk with your siblings. Again without knowing ages, it’s frustrating being “too young to understand” and can be very empowering to have someone share information (in an age-appropriate way) and to encourage them to help out and feel useful.

To your initial question of “being positive,” I would argue that it’s ok to NOT be positive, but also try to avoid being negative about the unknown. You’re dealing with multiple majorly shitty situations and uncertainty, and it’s going to take work for all of you. It’s ok to feel helpless and angry and frustrated and genuinely upset, and to share those feelings with your family; they probably feel the same way and it may be more upsetting for them to hear “it’ll be ok! Everything is great!” with no logical reason to think that. It’s fine to be realistic, as long as you’re doing whatever is in your control to manage the situation.

I hope that helps, and I’m sorry you’re having to deal with so much all at once.

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