How to create an entire ambient pop track from scratch?

How to create an entire ambient pop track from scratch

Part 1 is pretty basic stuff about how to read music staves and introducing concepts. Part 2 is more on the heavy side of actual theory, though they’re both quite academic. ABRSM also have a series of grade workbooks which are a good complement but can get expensive for what they are.

Do not waste money on pedals if you’re just focusing on recording at the start, I’d recommend getting Logic Pro X and an audio interface like a Focusrite Scarlett Solo at the start. In terms of making music similar to Ruby Haunt and Cigarettes after Sex, I think the key may be a pretty liberal use of reverb and some use of modulation like chorus. Logic Pro X’s built in effects will more than do the job so don’t bother buying a multieffect pedal, as well as their synths and presets are quite good as well. All three items including a MIDI Keyboard like a Novation Launchkey (which is what Ruby Haunt uses live, one of my bands opened for them a couple weeks ago) should be less than $500, assuming you already have a guitar already.

EDIT: Also when making your first songs, theory isn’t nearly as necessary as some other people in this thread are saying, I recommend learning the songs that you are inspired by and studying how they are arranged. Also for drums, try using the MIDI Drummers in Logic as they are also quite passable, especially with some work on EQ and compression.

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