How to find the energy to be productive after a day of work?

Two things from me: I find that if I come home from work and sit down for too long doing nothing, my brain and body really start to bog down and my energy level drops. If I keep moving I’m much better off and get more done.

Second thing is simply walking. It’s good for your brain and body. It’s even helped my back pain. You don’t need a gym. Just push yourself to get out and walk for like an hour. Don’t even wear headphones. Unplug from the world and walk. Let your mind wander. Bicycling too. Don’t need a fancy bike or special clothes. Don’t need to go fast. Just pedal and feel free for a while. Nice thing about pedaling in the hot summertime is that the bugs can’t catch you.

Find things that you can reward yourself with and take time to actively recover and reward yourself for your hard work. This way you train yourself more and more to enjoy your work, because a reward is waiting at the end. Examples could be: Socializing, Dancing, Sauna, reading your favourite Book, Laughing with friends (VERY effective to recover and release stress), Meditation, Sex… Whatever you enjoy and whatever makes you really present. Hope this works for you, all the Best!

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