How to Receive notices and notifications from your Android phone on your PC

While working with your computer you can continue to receive notifications from your Android without constantly looking at the screen.

The mobile phone, if we can continue to call it only phone, has become our personal assistant wherever we go. We receive and make calls, we talk on WhatsApp, Hangouts or Skype, we save our contacts …

However, we also continue to work in front of the computer, so we need the phone and PC to interact to keep our agenda and our messages organized.

In that sense, we can keep a synchronized contact list and our email accounts. And also do the same with Hangouts or Skype, but in the case of WhatsApp or phone calls, it is not so easy or convenient. But there are alternatives.

We propose solutions for you to receive calls and messages from WhatsApp and other Android applications on your PC without having to keep an eye on your mobile phone while working with your computer. In addition, all work wirelessly and over the Internet.


It started as an app to send and receive content between your mobile device and a PC but over time it has evolved into a way to keep smartphone and computer connected. Pushbullet is used to receive SMS messages on your PC, view notifications and notifications of messages or calls, send and receive links and files …

If you work interchangeably with your phone and computer, Pushbullet will help you not lose detail of what happens on your Android while you are engaged in other tasks with your computer such as a document or a spreadsheet.

Pushbullet works with both Android and iPhone and gets along well with Windows and with different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera to share links or documents directly while browsing.


Another name that always sounds when we talk about wirelessly connecting your PC and your Android is AirDroid. Its purpose is similar to Pushbullet’s: receive and send files, view messages and notifications …

In addition, AirDroid adds the ability to control the Android phone remotely, very practical if we want to check something without having to unlock it directly if we are in front of the computer screen. Of course, we will have to install an additional app called AirMirror and that works independently of AirDroid.

AirDroid is compatible with Android, hence its name, but it also works with iPhone, and you can use it on both Windows PCs and Macs with macOS.


The case of MightyText is also that of an app born for a function, receive and send SMS messages from your PC, but that has evolved by introducing new features.

Currently, in addition to managing your SMS messages, MightyText also serves to know how your Android battery is to charge if necessary, receive notifications of messages and calls or send images or links to your phone.

MightyText will be very useful both to organize the messages sent and received from your Android device, and send them from the computer through the mobile phone, and to have your mobile device controlled when you are working in front of the PC without having to look at it at all times.

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