Hundreds of London streetlights become charging points for electric cars

The transformation of lampposts into charging points progresses. In London hundreds of them will be converted to form a supply network for electric cars.

The City of London has taken the arrival of the alternative engine to internal combustion seriously. There they have realized that electric cars will only take off if they have a large cargo network. Deploying all of this infrastructure is costly. However, there are urban elements that can be used. So the British capital will convert hundreds of streetlights into charging points.

Taking advantage of street lighting to create charging points seems like an efficient solution. The wiring is already there, there is even an element of urban furniture, such as the lamp post, which allows easy access to the electrical network.

Hence, Siemens and the company Ubitricity have set to work. Between the two they have carried out more than 1,300 street lamp transformations at loading points. They have done it in the well-known financial district of the City. And the movement completes other similar initiatives in different parts of the city. The Westminster area, typically saturated with traffic and pollution, has also struggled to deploy charging points.

It is not the first time that street lamps have been converted into charging points in London. The Ubitricity company has been working in this field for a long time. For his initiative years ago this use of public lighting has begun.

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The deployment between Ubitricity and Siemens goes further, as it is positioned on a massive scale. The 1,300 converted streetlights are few compared to city size, but they are a solid foundation from which to go further.

Seeding the cities of electrical points
The UK capital has had a pollution problem for decades. Not for nothing were limitations placed on private traffic. But it was not enough. Electric cars are shown as a solution to this air pollution. Of course the fumes from the exhaust pipes will be avoided. Although, the next step is that the electricity used by these vehicles is from renewable sources. Something that Siemens has also committed to.

This movement of the German company is accompanied by other initiatives worldwide. It is worth noting the case of BMW, another German company, which also has a project to convert streetlights into charging points. At the same time, in different countries and regions, the proliferation of power stations is growing apace. Japan is a good example of this. In 2016 it already had more charging points than gas stations.

Images: Ubitricity

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