Is ‘streaming’ the future of entertainment?

Streaming platforms have meant a revolution leaving other conventional media behind. This may mean a change of trend for future generations.

Streaming is the technology that allows us to view a video or audio file directly from the Internet on a platform or application without downloading it completely to our device. It is not necessary to reduce its quality and it is never stored in our equipment.

To go back to the first internet streaming we don’t have to go back so much in time. But why is the future of entertainment?

The answer is in the new generations. These users prefer to consume other types of content at the time they prefer and leave aside other traditional media such as television.

If we talk about this concept, surely many of us remember the Netflix platform because it has managed to change our perspective when watching series and movies.

Years ago, if you were a follower of a series, you had to wait days and adapt to a schedule to see the chapter that was broadcast. In addition, you had to endure endless cuts of publicity.

With online platforms it is much simpler, you simply select the chapter of the series at the time you prefer, in the place you want and without advertising breaks.

Boom on streaming platforms and the end of television?

Television is one of the biggest affected with the height of this technological novelty because many of the users have changed sides. These platforms, at the end of the day, offer more facilities.

There are more and more portals with which we can see content through our computer, our Smart TV or on our mobile phones. But it is not only to consume series and movies, there are also applications to listen to streaming music such as Spotify.

There are also cases in which television has adapted to this trend. This is the case of Movistar +, which offers the possibility, together with Netflix, to access any streaming content through its applications.

Streaming in the gamer world, a step to the next level

Video games and communities are related. With the advent of multiplayer video games, many content creators have shared their experiences live on screen. And with this comes interactive streaming. Groups of followers who consume this type of content with the ability to interact with the creator through messages.

Platforms such as Twitch and even YouTube already have the ability to create this type of experience for both users and gamers.

For Twitch, gamers are the forefront of new technologies. An example was that the first microcomputers that are currently part of our mobile phones come from video games and the first consoles.

Therefore, a way to deduce what lies ahead in the future of leisure, you have to look at streaming platforms, both movies and video games, because they can give us clues about the future of our entertainment.

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