Learn to follow topics of interest on Twitter

Although it has received many criticisms in recent years, Twitter is one of the most important social networks not only for the number of users it has but also for the importance of some of those users such as Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Cristiano Ronaldo or Ellen DeGeneres.

Like it or not, Twitter has become a direct source of information, as it allows relevant figures to give their opinion or talk about them without filters or intermediaries that can alter or change their message. In addition, anyone can make themselves known or transmit information through Twitter.

One of the flaws of Twitter is that you could follow users or tags but not specific topics, at least until recently. New functions have been added over the years, such as the Explore section. And in the mobile versions of Twitter, not long ago the Themes section has been introduced.

Let’s see what Twitter Themes consist of and how to start following the ones that interest you most. In addition, you can stop following them with the same ease.

Twitter topics

In the words of Twitter, “following a topic allows you to stay informed about what is happening and see more relevant content, including Tweets, events and announcements on that topic.” Like the Explore tab available on the Web, Android, iPhone or iPad, the Themes section is visible on Android, iPhone and iPad directly and on the Web by clicking More options> Themes.

Like the users we follow, the topics we mark to follow will be public, so you can see what topics your contacts follow. In addition, we can start following them or stop doing so at any time.

In the future, to configure Twitter topics, just go to the corresponding section, but for now we will find topics to follow both in the Chronology and in the search results.

When you search for anything in the Twitter search engine, in addition to appearing related user accounts under the title People, just below the search engine you will see compatible topics and, on your right, the Follow button. As indicated below the topics shown after a search, “You will see Tweets, people, events and announcements related to this and, as with the accounts, those you follow will appear on your Profile.”

As you search and add topics, when you go to the Themes section you will see that list of topics. And how will your experience with Twitter change? From now on, in your Twitter Chronology you will see not only the comments and publications of the accounts you follow, you will also see content related to your themes integrated into your Chronology instead of manually searching for it in Explore.

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