Listen to the sound of a ship passing by the Earth thanks to ESA

The European Space Agency has published a video on its social networks in which you can hear the sound of a ship, the BepiColombo to be more exact, passing by our planet.

Surely you have never heard anything like it. The sound of a ship sailing through space, thousands of kilometers from our house and moving thousands of kilometers per hour. Don’t you find it interesting? In mid-April, the BepiColombo spacecraft passed through the closest point to Earth and recorded a recording that the European Space Agency (ESA) gave us today.

The recording data was obtained when the spacecraft approached about 20,000 km away from Earth’s surface. The recorded frequency, inaudible to humans, had to be manipulated by the team of the Italian National Institute of Astrophysics (IANF) so that we can listen to it on an audio track. According to their estimates, one hour of measurements equals one minute of audio. Thousands of data that discover the sound of a ship in space.

“Vibrations caused by external and internal factors are transmitted to our accelerometer. It is the same principle as when you put your ear on a rail to find out if the train is coming, “said Carmelo Magnafico, a member of the Italian Spring Accelerometer, in the ESA statement.

BepiColombo, long journey to Mercury

The spaceship you have the pleasure to listen to was launched on October 20, 2018 bound for Mercury. This joint mission by ESA and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is expected to reach the smallest planet in the Solar System on December 5, 2025.

Once there, the BepiColombo will study the gravitational field of Mercury and its variations due to solar tides. Information that will help scientists better understand the great gravitational and structural peculiarities of Mercury.

Without a doubt, the universe still hides many unknowns for us. After all, we are a tiny point within the Milky Way, which, in turn, is a small point in the universe.

For now, hit play, close your eyes and listen to a ship sailing through space.

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