Little known and very promising web browsers

Little known and very promising web browsers

The most popular web browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Safari. We also know Opera or Internet Explorer, but the list is even wider.

Maybe the most used applications on your phone are WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and a game that has you hooked. But on your computer, surely the most popular program is your web browser.

From web browsers we have access to all kinds of pages, services and applications that work online. Moreover, it has been a long time since you can work calmly only with web tools such as Google Drive, Office, Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, Trello and endless other solutions that we can have open, each one in its tab, throughout our working day.

So choosing a good web browser is important. The most popular worldwide is Google Chrome, followed by Firefox and Safari. Opera, Internet Explorer and / or Edge are kept at a distance, but the list goes on and on with many more names, not as well known but some of them very interesting as an alternative.

If you want a second browser, as an alternative, or replace your web browser, we propose several options that will get your attention.


From China we get a browser available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android. Its name is Maxthon and among its peculiarities, it stands out for combining two engines instead of one: Webkit (from Safari) and Trident (from Internet Explorer).

Those responsible say it is fast and safe, but it also offers additional help for tasks such as downloading videos that you watch on the Internet, as well as the possibility of capturing the screen or viewing two pages at once on a split screen.

Maxthon is available in several languages, including English and Spanish and you can change its appearance using themes.

UC Browser

Also from China comes UC Browser, a web browser available for Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad, among other platforms. It originally emerged as a mobile web browser, but it has long since made the leap to the PC.

UC Browser stands out for being quite fast when compressing the data we receive when opening any page or website. In addition, your download manager fully fulfills its mission, something to be grateful for even if our connection is not the fastest.

Otherwise, it is available in several languages, including English and Spanish, and has all the usual functions of any modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Falkon (formerly QupZilla)

Previously known by the name of QupZilla, Falkon is a web browser available for Windows and Linux based on the QtWebEngine engine, which in turn is inspired by Chromium, the Chrome engine.

Its appearance will remind us of Firefox. For the rest, it has the usual functions, to which we must add the integration of an advertising blocker and another Flash content, to avoid surprises and problems while browsing.

Falkon uses DuckDuckGo as a default search engine, and as a curiosity, it is currently the official KDE desktop browser, one of the longest and most popular Linux.


Cliqz comes from Germany, a project that began as an alternative search engine to Google based on respect for user privacy and currently also has a web browser that we can download and install on both Windows and macOS, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Available in German and English, the Cliqz browser uses its own default search engine with autocomplete and custom results. In addition, it has its own tool for blocking trackers and other elements that save user data without permission when visiting a website.

Cliqz is based on Firefox, so it has its advantages in terms of speed and compatibility with most websites plus added search and privacy.

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