Live an experience with dinosaurs in Jurassic World

The Universal Studios Hollywood amusement park in Los Angeles hosts a large number of recreational areas set in movies. One of the most requested by the public is that of Jurassic World. Above all, with the remodeling presented in 2019. Find out why.

Dinosaurs have a special charm for many. It will be because of their large size, their ferocity, the many unanswered questions that are still about them … The truth is that there are currently many more or less successful recreations, but few as real as we can find at Universal Studios in Hollywood. In this emblematic amusement park, live an experience with dinosaurs.

A «movie» attraction

Can you imagine walking through the theme park and, suddenly, the ground began to shake and people started running in the same direction? It is a situation to which the video trailer of this attraction transports us. It was built in 1996, when the film in which it is set, Jurassic Park, had been shortly since its premiere, in 1993. In fact, it began to be built when the film was still in production.

The mythical film, directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the novels of Michael Crichton was so successful among the general public that since then several sequels have been made with great collection at the box office – available on Netflix – and a whole universe has been created around she. Also a fan phenomenon, which accompanies all the great sagas and titles of popular culture.

A highly anticipated remodeling that adds new elements

Now jump back to today. It does so following the premieres of Jurassic World, in 2015 and 2018, and that a few months ago, in July 2019, Universal Studios announced the new attraction with the same name of these sequels. Although, rather, it is an improvement: a year earlier, the park had closed the attraction to remodel it.

Vive una experiencia con dinosaurios_2

Jon Corfino, director of creative projects at Universal and producer of shows, tells in an interview with Southern California News Group that they worked to amaze the attendees and that “if you look, there are hidden treasures” during the tour, that you can go through high of first. A tour that they have extended compared to the previous version and to which they have added a lot of news. Landscapes, characters, technology, animations… In addition, for example, an area for children to explore the world of paleontology, Dinoplay.

Among the animations, we highlight the meetings with Blue, the velociraptor of the latest installments of the saga. The new waiting area, also renovated, includes information about the new dinosaurs. And so that the fun does not decline, as soon as the tour begins in the giant rafts, the spectators find a gigantic aquarium – full of three million gallons of water – in which a Mosasaurus is perfectly observed, while swimming. A creature about 17 meters long that dominated the Cretaceous seas.

Vive una experiencia con dinosaurios

Enter a prehistoric world, dominated by great creatures, and live an experience with dinosaurs

After this surprising welcome, the guests meet face to face with a baby and mother Stegosaurus and a playful Parasaurolophus. Then, travelers encounter more predatory and aggressive dinosaurs, such as Velociraptors and the Dilophosaurus.

The adventure also contains a moment of confrontation between an Indominus Rex and a Tyrannosaurus Rex and the fall of more than 25 meters already present in the original attraction. Asked about it, Jon Corfino explains that they met with the director of Jurassic World, Colin Trevorrow, so that the result was true to the tapes. No doubt, they have achieved enough.

We can get an idea of ​​how it is in this video. The beautiful decoration and the large and lively figures make this multi-minute walk one of the best experiences today to “see” dinosaurs.

Live an experience with dinosaurs

Header illustration: Monica La Mola.

Images: Jurassic World, Universal Studios.

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