Looking for free names on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest … The list is long. If you want to have a presence on social networks, make sure your name is available.

In the same way that having a good domain for your website is key to appear in the top positions in search engines such as Google and for your audience to remember it, it is also convenient to pay attention to the names of our professional accounts on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

However, it is not always easy to find the right name or it is already being used by another person, brand, company or organization. To this we must add that checking the availability of a name in dozens of social networks takes time. The solution? A specialized search engine.

Below we list a selection of free name search engines on social networks that will save us time and effort. With a single search we will know if we can use the same name in all the social networks in which we want to have a presence.

This two-by-one search engine called Namechk has two different functions. The first, check free domains in different terminations, such as COM, NET, ORG, TV, ONLINE, TECH, EU and much more.

But what interests us is its search for free names for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or Pinterest and online services such as Disqus, Medium, Blogger, Steam, Roblox, PayPal or Wikipedia.

A single search covers both fields. If the domains or names in social networks are available, they will be illuminated in green. By clicking on each icon you will access this social network or service so that you can register if you want. Those that remain obscured means that there is already a user account with that name.

Similar to the previous service, Namecheck also serves both to search for free domain names and users in social networks. A single search will show you the list of busy or available options.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube … The search also includes Google Play and App Store, so if you’re looking for a name for your mobile app, you’ll know if it’s free.

Following the search for Internet domains, NameCheckup also offers a panel full of names of social networks and online services. A search and free services will be illuminated so that we can create a new account with the searched name.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Telegram, Discord, Foursquare, Scribd, Issuu… The list includes all kinds of websites that allow you to register as a user. In addition, each icon links directly to that website to access it.

A search and dozens of results. Checkuser shows you if the name you are looking for is available in NET, COM, ORG, IO, INC or BLOG domains, in addition to performing a search on social networks.

If the searched name is available on the social networks included, a green link will appear. If you click on each link you can verify that it does not exist.

Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Tumblr, About, MySpace, Medium, Patreon, Reddit, Disqus, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Pinterest … The list is varied and includes social networks, video platforms and other popular online services where to share content.

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