Macri apologizes and announces relief measures: salary and minimum wage increase and tax reduction

Macri apologizes and announces relief measures: salary and minimum wage increase and tax reduction

After his failed appearance on Monday after the election, the Argentine president, Mauricio Macri, today apologized to his countrymen and announced a series of measures to alleviate the hard economic situation. “I apologize for the conference on Monday, I want to tell you that I understood them. The election result is my responsibility,” Macri said in a televised message that contrasted with his disconcerting intervention on Monday, in which he held the voters of Kirchnerism, which won with amplitude the primary elections, of the brutal devaluation of the peso.

Macri insisted on apologizing. “I want to apologize for what I said at the conference on Monday. I hesitated to do it because I was still very affected by the results of Sunday’s elections, without sleep.” “When you chose me in 2015 you thought it would be easier. Me too,” admitted the head of state, who sought empathy with the citizens after obtaining 32 percent of the votes against 47 percent of the Peronist Alberto Fernández. The general elections are October 27, and with its announcements today, Macri seeks to change the electoral equation to reach the November 24 ballot.

“I am aware that day by day it became an exhausting experience. The measures I took are because I listened to them, they are measures that will bring relief to 17 million workers and their families. There will be improvements for all workers, formal and informal, “said Macri.

The package of measures includes 2000 pesos (about 30 euros) extra per month until the end of the year for private sector workers, a bonus at the end of the month of up to 5000 pesos (about 75 euros) for public employees, the salary increase minimum, which today is around 200 euros, a 40% increase in student scholarships and tax cuts. It was also decided to freeze fuel prices for the next 90 days, a key measure, since the devaluation is usually transferred to the value of that good. The peso devalued 30% between Monday and Tuesday.

“The political uncertainty of these 48 hours has done a lot of damage,” the president admitted. “I talked with many candidates and with others I will keep trying to talk. We should talk to each other and not understand this as a fight between enemies,” said Macri, who has not yet made contact with Fernandez.

“I deeply respect the decision of the Argentines who, voting for us in 2015, did not do it this time. I understand their anger, their tiredness. I only ask them not to put into play how much we did together. Not to loosen, that we are going to leave, We are going to get out of this as we go out many times, he concluded.

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