NASA shows the large cloud of carbon monoxide over the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest continues to burn, and NASA has published some images captured by one of its satellites where it shows the huge amount of active foci and the large cloud of carbon monoxide detrimental to the quality of the air flying over the Amazon.

The Amazon continues to burn without any control and the magnitude of this environmental disaster cannot be calculated yet. The damage will be global and the consequences irreparable, since, as we mentioned in a previous post, the Amazon has a key role in regulating the climate due to its ability to absorb carbon dioxide.

According to the latest data, 79,513 fires have been registered in Brazil during this 2019, being more than 50% in the Amazon. Such is the crisis that the solution has become global and protagonist in the last G7 summit held in Biarritz. During the meeting, the participating countries agreed to allocate an amount of 18 million euros to collaborate in the work of firefighting and recovery of the lung of the planet.

However, the Brazilian government led by Bolsonaro has just rejected these funds. What’s going on? What are the consequences of all this?

It will accelerate global warming and its effects

In this context, NASA has published some images captured by one of its satellites that show the terrible effect seen from the space of the fires that are occurring in the Amazon rainforest and that already affect several countries such as Bolivia and Peru.

Through the AIRS probe, NASA has measured carbon monoxide levels in the region of the Brazilian Amazon that allow us to realize the enormous amount of gas concentration in the atmosphere:

What does this mean? Carbon monoxide is a gas that is released when a substance composed of carbon burns in an area without enough oxygen. According to experts, the levels of this gas in the Amazon are being positioned above what is usual, a fact that could be devastating to our health.

The concentration of carbon monoxide in large quantities will greatly affect the quality of the air we breathe causing health problems in people, such as cardiovascular events. However, what worries researchers the most is that Amazon fires will inevitably accelerate global warming and all its effects.

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