Playing video games: an effective way to combat stress

There has been much talk about the effects of video game abuse on health, but did you know that they also help release stress?

In recent years, video games have made a dent in our daily lives. The gaming sector in Spain is in an unbeatable state, and the number of Spaniards who consume this type of games has exceeded 16 million users, where 56% are men, and 41% are women. It has also been linked to stress, for better and for worse.

There has been much talk about its use, most are negative comments. Many parents worry that their children will become more violent or not sociable by playing excessively. But there have been studies that show that video games have an advantage: they help fight stress.

A very common disease, but with serious consequences
Stress is a natural response of our body and serves to cope with situations that may pose a danger. Why is it harmful? Due to the great changes that our body undergoes in these situations.

In case the stress is chronic it can produce symptoms such as memory problems, insomnia, depression and anxiety. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), stress is classified as a global epidemic. A pathology caused by an exaggerated workload.

Video games and recovery experience
To begin, let’s dismantle the myth that exists between video games and real violence. According to studies, there is no relationship between the violence of the game and aggressiveness in real life.

In one of the latest studies, players using cooperative and competitive game modes were examined. After a while it was shown that the anxiety levels of the players decreased. In other words, the games served as a tool to deal with stress and tension.

This is due to what the researchers call recovery experience. In these studies it was shown that there is a relationship between work-related fatigue and the use of video games for recovery purposes. In this case it was shown that there are users who use the games with the intention of releasing stress after a workday.

Manage emotions in front of the screen
These platforms can help us develop our capacity for self-control and know how to deal with certain situations in front of our computer or video game console.

Many users find in video games a way to define useful strategies managing their emotions to cope with stress and thus get the rewards they get when they level up.

Play, but in moderation
As in all aspects, anything in excess is harmful and in the world of video games the same thing happens.

Playing for long periods of time is not favorable for our health. Its moderate use can effectively help in the release of stress, but otherwise it can lead to serious problems.

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