Russia will create its own reusable rocket by 2024

The Russian Government will build its own reusable rocket that will be called ‘Argo’ to supply material to its orbital station.

Just two days ago we announced from the presentation of the final version of the SpaceX spacecraft, by Elon Musk, to take astronauts on manned missions to the Moon and Mars.

Starship has become the great aircraft to explore the 130-meter high space, a speed of 27,000 kilometers per hour and the ability to withstand up to 100 tons. Musk’s dream is being fulfilled thanks to this monstrous rocket that will be covered in stainless steel and reusable.

However, Elon Musk has an unexpected competitor. The Russian Government has just announced the construction of its own rocket to compete with SpaceX and NASA in space exploration. This ship will be called ‘Argo’, it will also be reusable and may be ready by 2024.

Send supplies to the Russian orbital station

The construction of the large Russian government aircraft will cost approximately 9.8 billion dollars and is scheduled to begin production after the Russian Federal Space Agency signs a collaboration agreement with the private transport company MTKS space.

From the government itself they say that ‘Argo’ will be “much more efficient and reliable” than the SpaceX spacecraft, although the spokesman for the Russian Federal Space Agency has not yet given many details since “he will be ready to discuss specific technical proposals so soon as presented ”, as stated by the Russian communication agency RBK.

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The Russian ship will weigh 11.5 tons, will measure almost six meters and will have space for 11 cubic meters of cargo. “Having a reusable ship will drastically reduce expenses and the shipping price of the cargo. Consequently, the cost of the space program will generally decrease, ”said RBK Sergey Sópov, a member of the company.

The purpose of this aircraft will be to bring supplies to the Russian orbital station and it will remain in use for approximately 10 years. Will they manage to beat Musk commercially?

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