Send giant files in a simple way

Dropbox is working on a new tool with which to share files up to 100 GB in each shipment. It’s called Dropbox Transfer and now you can try it.

We can send files via email, upload it to our cloud and share a link for the recipient to access it, we can upload it to a temporary storage service such as WeTransfer or TransferNow … There are many possible combinations.

But one of the problems we can encounter is that the files we want to share are too heavy. In that case, the email sometimes falls short and does not allow you to attach a certain number of files. And regarding online storage, it is not always the most appropriate solution.

Dropbox has recently launched a service similar to WeTransfer called Dropbox Transfer and whose purpose is that we can send files up to 100 GB in each transfer. More advantages? We will not need to be registered in Dropbox to download that file, just receive the link to our email address.

Dropbox Transfer is designed to share one or more files in a single transfer without having to go through the Share function of your own service, although it is integrated into our personal or professional Dropbox account.

Expiration and password
In addition to the aforementioned options, Dropbox Transfer allows you to add an extra security by protecting the file transfer by password. Thus, if the link falls into bad hands, without the secret word they will not be able to download the content associated with that link. Another security measure is expiration, since you can indicate that the link is valid for a specific period of time.

In this way we make sure that whoever receives the link will have a limited time to download the content, thus preventing it from being accessible by third parties without our consent.

Another advantage of Dropbox Transfer is that it will allow us to track if the shared files have been downloaded or not by download notifications. This way we will avoid having to ask by email, WhatsApp or Slack if the link has arrived and / or if they already have the files downloaded.

One more alternative
In summary, Dropbox expands its catalog of services and tools with a solution similar to WeTransfer that solves the problem of sharing large content with several users without requiring them to have a Dropbox account. In addition, as with WeTransfer, we will have the possibility to customize the appearance of the shared link through our own fund and / or the logo of our company or business.

However, Dropbox Transfer can be used for personal or professional use interchangeably as it meets the needs of both.

When you write these lines, Dropbox Transfer is in a trial period, so if you want to try it you must first register for free with your current Dropbox account or by creating a new account.

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