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Is there a topic you could talk about for hours? Have you considered offering online courses? We propose a platform to carry it out.

Leaving aside the hours we dedicate to Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and the online fashion game, the Internet has become an endless source of information. News, articles, fiction and nonfiction literature, statistical data … Virtually anything you can imagine and any question you ask yourself will surely have your answer online.

On the other hand, in several articles we have talked about the benefits of the Internet to learn about topics of our interest or work needs. Guides, manuals, video tutorials and online courses to sign up for, free or paying, at the time of the year you want and adapting the duration of the course to your personal or professional agenda.

But, in addition to accessing knowledge, the Internet allows dissemination. Wikipedia is a great example of how if you know a lot about something you can share it by creating entries in this collaborative encyclopedia or improving existing content. And the same goes for online courses.

Eduflow is a platform that allows online courses to be launched. It is focused on both universities and educational centers in general or even companies that want to improve the knowledge and skills of their employees. In addition, anyone can register and start a course.

You don’t know how to start? The free Eduflow account allows you to create two courses with a maximum of 50 students per course and also offers 10 MB of space to upload support files to the course. If you need more space, number of courses and students available, you can get one of the three paid subscriptions later.

Teach online

The operation of Eduflow is simple but allows you to customize your space to give a good image and that your students or students do not get bored or get disappointed. The platform follows the maximum of portals of popular courses that some universities already want.

First of all, everything is online. That is, you can access Eduflow as a teacher or as a student from any browser regardless of the device you use.

From there, everything we have seen in online courses is available to activate or offer in your online course within the Eduflow platform. Lessons separated by chapters, content blocked to certain users or that is not accessible until you have accessed the previous content, possibility of uploading or linking any kind of content such as files, text, links, videos or Google Drive content …

Eduflow can be used as a complement to face-to-face teaching, combined with presentations through videos or streaming or simply as an independent platform in which to upload documents, articles, videos and content that the student can consult at any time and then provide their comments.

And since it is not about repeating the unidirectional dynamics of a face-to-face class, Eduflow has activatable modules to encourage debate, question and answer exercises, exchange of knowledge or impressions among students, self-assessment activities, etc.

Once the course is started, Eduflow facilitates the task of managing the progress of your students by obtaining statistics and information on * how they complete each activity or topic of the course.

In short, Eduflow puts at your disposal the necessary tools to create online courses that you can access at any time of the day from anywhere. At the moment it does not include real-time chat or the possibility of making presentations in real time, but for this we can complement Eduflow with other solutions such as Skype, Hangout or similar. In addition, the dissemination of the course can be private, for internal use, or advertised on your website, on social networks or even on online course dissemination platforms.

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