She is Boram, the six-year-old South Korean youtuber who just bought an eight million dollar mansion

She is Boram, the six-year-old South Korean youtuber who just bought an eight million dollar mansion

Small, restless and wasp-eyed, little Boram has become a celebrity thanks to her two YouTube channels: Boram Tube ToysReview and Boram Tube Vlog, where she is seen playing and having fun with friends, exploring toys and hobbies, using creative visual effects in their daily spaces and, in general, making their own.

The sum of his followers in both channels exceeds 30 million, which has made his supposed and spontaneous amusement a lucrative career that has exponentially multiplied the family heritage.

Before the flood of income of his daughter, his parents recently created the Boram Family Company, in the name of which the family has just bought a five-story house for eight million dollars in the exclusive neighborhood of Gangnam, a rich suburb of Seoul famous for the famous song of “Gangnam Style”.

How does Boram earn so much money on YouTube?
Boram has fun, cooks noodles with his toys, does evil to his friends, tries on costumes and is friendly and witty, which makes him win thousands, millions of followers, organic and bought.

Youtubers earn money in several ways: by commissioning the ads that are reproduced in their videos or by partnering with brands to sell products or include them in their content. Boram, for example, usually puts links to the purchase of the products that appear in his videos.

But some of Boram’s “adventures” on YouTube have aroused some controversy, according to CNN.

In 2017 the NGO Save the Chidren received multiple complaints from South Korean citizens worried about the impact that certain attitudes of Boram could have on their smaller followers.

In the videos they referred to, Boram was seen stealing money from his father’s wallet or apparently driving cars along the road, so Save the Children notified the police in a case that ended with the Seoul Family Court ordering to the girl’s parents pass a paternity counseling course to prevent abuse.

The lucrative business of children youtubers
According to Forbes magazine, the best-paid youtuber of 2018 was just a seven-year-old boy, the small American Ryan Kaji, of the Ryan ToysReview channel, with more than 20 million followers and who received about 22 million dollars

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