The arrival of the Martian urbanizations

Would it be possible to settle on another planet? Many users have asked this question, but Belgian architect Xavier de Kestelier has found the answer to that question. A project that may seem surreal, but above all feasible.

Many times we have wondered what the future of our planet and that of the population will be like. Surely we have imagined a future similar to that of movies like Back to the Future or Blade Runner. But the reality is that in the future technology will be booming, even more, and that many of its inhabitants will live in houses built by robots … on another planet!

Surely some user will have thought that this will be impossible, but it is not so. This initiative has been proposed by the architect Xavier De Kestelier.

Kestelier, space architect

This architect is director of design, innovation and technology at Hassell Studio. In this company he has presented great works of civil engineering such as the expansion of the Adelaide International Airport (Australia) and the geological Museum of Nanjing (China).

De Kestelier preferred to go beyond, literally, with his projects and ended up being part of the development team of the European Space Agency and NASA where he created his first prototypes of space houses in unusual places like the Moon or Mars.

An initiative that seems taken from a movie

The designs that Xavier De Kestelier has carried out are very striking, but the important thing is that they are possible to manufacture.

These residences would be built by autonomous robots equipped with 3D printers, which would create the structures of the homes as if it were a cave. What material would these houses be made of?

These robots would perform a job very similar to that of the protagonist of the movie Wall-e. These automata would be used to collect recyclable plastics to use as construction material.

You will continue to think that this idea is surreal, it might seem so, but as we said before, it is possible. For the development of this project the Belgian architect has in his research team scientists, engineers, sociologists and even space anthropologists.

Casa, 3D, Marte

This idea is expected to come true in 15 or 20 years, although this ambitious project has not been supported by organizations such as NASA.

3D printing as a construction method

It is probably not the first time we have heard that the use of 3D printers is used to build buildings.

Currently, on our planet, there are urbanizations that have been created through these devices. For example, the University of Eindhoven (The Netherlands) has developed the process to print concrete houses to lower construction costs and therefore acquire a residence for a small fee.

Recently in the state of Tabasco (Mexico), it has begun the construction of a printed urbanization where materials such as wood, nylon and other metal substitutes will be used.

Who knows if we will be able to live in the same way that De Kestelier proposes to us, meanwhile we can imagine it through the films offered by Movistar + and Netflix where living on another planet is possible.

IMAGE: Mónica La Mola and Hassell Studio

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