The best apps to measure calories and manage your diet

When diets do not work, or you simply need another type of control, you can use these apps to measure calories and manage your diet. Discover how you can know what you eat in a simple and intuitive way.

Using technology to have a healthy diet. In addition, you can do it in a very easy and intuitive way, since there are nutritionists who have worked with programmers to bring us their work within a click.

Now we can have in the palm of our hand all the information about what we eat and the calories we eat. A perfect tool to see how we feed and, above all, to look for us. A few days ago we already taught you how to burn calories in a fun way on the game console, later we wrote about the best apps for doing sports at home and now the best apps to measure calories and manage your diet. You will say that we do not look for you in this blog!

Now, if there is a diet that does not work too well for you, or you just want to keep an eye on your diet, you have it very easy. Take a look at this list of apps to measure calories and manage your diet:


It is an app linked to the ‘ReafFood’ movement. Don’t you know him? It’s about eating unprocessed food and as natural as possible, that is, raw or cooked by you in a more traditional way. With this app, you will leave the ultra-processed for social events or special occasions.

According to the description, MyRealFood is based on three rules:

Base your diet on real food
Supplement your diet with good processed foods.
Avoid ultraprocessed.
Control My Weight

It is a food diary, combined with low intensity exercise. It is a very useful app to, as its name indicates, control your weight since it is designed for it. Control the calories you eat and, depending on your height and weight, do not go over them to be at your ideal weight. Remember, the healthiest weight.


It is an app for iPhone with which you can count calories quickly and very easily. What is different with the previous ones? MyFitnessPal Ccenta with a huge food database (over 3,000,000 foods) so you can scan the products you have purchased and add them to your meal profile. Thus, you ensure a much more reliable and detailed calorie count.

Calorie Counter

According to his description in the download services, he will be your personal assistant for weight loss, diet and nutrition. It is the best-rated diet app by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. In a very intuitive way you can organize your diet and set weight goals.

What sounds good?

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