The best free flight simulators of 2020

free flight simulators 2020

Although traveling by plane is common, it is not the same to be a passenger as a pilot. With these simulators you can experience that feeling from your PC.

Riding the skies aboard an airplane is not impossible and is cheaper than a few years ago. However, doing so from the cockpit requires time and preparation. Or if you prefer, you can always have a flight simulator like the ones presented below.

Flight simulators, unlike games to use, try to be as faithful as possible to reality, and this implies the visual aspects of the environment and the plane, as well as the physical response when we move the controls. In a normal game, the movements are smoother no matter how much we press keys or buttons, while in a simulator, a bad gesture causes the plane to spin out of control.

The most popular flight simulator for years has been Microsoft Flight Simulator, which we talked about in a previous article and which unfortunately is no longer in development. Its most recent version is from 2006 and is available for purchase in the Steam store in English and exclusively for Windows.

But at present it is possible to find free alternatives with very good graphic quality and playability. Let’s see four examples.


The most popular free flight simulator is FlightGear, one of the most veteran and continues to be updated with graphic improvements and new models of airplanes and airstrips.

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, it allows us to fly freely across the sky. It currently has more than 20,000 real-world airports recreated for our enjoyment. In addition, we can fly different models of aircraft, both current and classic and watch the show from inside the cabin or using the different cameras available.


Another fun free flight simulator is GeoFS, which offers up to 20 airplane models and the occasional balloon or helicopter to sail the sky on more than 30,000 possible routes.

GeoFS uses satellite images for scenarios to be as realistic as possible. In addition, the game allows you to interact with the rest of the players and see them spread out on the map.

Another advantage is that it does not need installation, since it works directly from its website in most modern browsers. In the game you can choose your plane, from where you want to start and even choose one of the different cameras available.

Google Earth Flight Simulator

Google Earth is a Google tool that allows us to see the planet earth and other celestial bodies in photographic and 3D quality thanks to the millions of satellite photographs taken by Google itself and by NASA, among other agencies.

In addition to being able to move around any corner of the world from a bird’s eye view, among its curious functions includes a flight simulator. The simulator is available in the Google Earth version for Windows, Mac and Linux. Once downloaded, we must go to Tools> Enter flight simulator.

Once inside the simulator we will have the opportunity to fly two planes: the SR22 to learn and the F-16 for the most expert. You can also choose an airport from which to start your trip. To fly it is possible to use the mouse and the keyboard or the joystick.

To exit the simulator mode and / or return to it we can use the CTRL + ALT + A keys in Windows and Command + Option + A in macOS. For more information on how to fly the plane, consult the official help.

Rise of Flight

In this list of flight simulators could not miss Rise of Flight, a simulator set in the First World War, so we will have the opportunity to pilot some of the first war plane models in history.

Exclusive to Windows, Rise of Flight offers three airplane models to test (Spad 13, Albatros and Nieuport 17), has multiplayer mode and story mode with career mode and four campaigns and allows you to freely explore your maps.

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