The drones are delivered to the entertainment world

Drones for agriculture, to predict volcanic eruptions or to distribute medicines. Its applications are increasingly diverse. The last one is the one they have used in Shanghai. Discover for what and the relationship you may have with the Tokyo Olympics.

The videos of the show went around the world. China welcomed 2020 with an original and colorful celebration, which had a particularity. The lights and sounds that were in the sky were caused by drones instead of fireworks.

The media and social networks have echoed these days behind the images, praising the result. In them we can see giant figures of a running man, the Earth or a dragon, among others, of different sizes and colors.

Also, the 2020 figures, the countdown to the last seconds of 2019, and the Chinese characters of Zhui Meng (dream search).

An innovation demonstration of a technological superpower

It was above the Huangpu River in Shanghai. From the water, a total of 2,000 drones rose hundreds of meters, with the buildings and skyscrapers of the city in the background.

They are not piloted each by a person, which would be a great expense of resources, but they are all programmed with software that coordinates them. Although it is not the first time we see a drone show imitating fireworks, it is a demonstration of innovation by a technological superpower.

It also occurs at a time when social networks have made the effects of pyrotechnics viral for animals. But, in addition, it seems that they have other consequences, such as pollution. Reason why China is currently banned.

Drones en lugar de fuegos artificiales

Other times when drones have been used instead of fireworks

Intel was the first company to test these tools. He did it in 2015 in an experiment with 100 drones. A year later, he did it by quintupling the figure, at the break of the Superbowl.

But it would not take long to leave competition. To celebrate the Chinese new year, the drone manufacturer, Ehang, responsible for a drone-taxi, capable of transporting people, coordinated 1,000 drones for the show.

The race and the pulse to achieve more impact only started. Again Intel was responsible for beating the figure. At the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in South Korea, it deployed 1,200 drones at a time. Months later, the Chinese company Ehang launched almost 1,375 drones to celebrate Labor Day in the city of Xi´An.

Later, Intel again exceeded the record. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, in July 2018, 2,000 coordinated drones flew across the sky.

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