The first fully solar train prepares to start traveling in Australia

The first fully solar train prepares to start traveling in Australia

Although there are other projects that use renewable energy, the first train that will feed completely from the sun to run will start moving soon in Australia.

Byron Bay Railroad Company is finalizing all the details to launch the world’s first solar train. The project was born when they found an old abandoned train, restored it and added solar panels to move to the lake just 3 kilometers away. This is how it is explained that it can work, and this is how it is explained that other countries where railroad advances come earlier, such as Spain or Japan, do not yet have an electric train of this type.

The original train had two diesel engines, the first of which has been replaced by electric motors and batteries, while the other has been left intact for emergencies or if the one connected to the solar panels fails. The system is designed to work with batteries even when there are clouds and the sun does not directly impact, but in some situation the 77 kWh may not be enough.

For these cases, it is also foreseen that, in addition to the energy collection of the plates, there is a load point of 30 kW at the destination station. As they review in Electrek, it is not the first train to be powered by renewables, but the first to not depend on other energy sources, which although they were clean, were not collected by the

Another exemplary country in this is the Netherlands, which since the beginning of 2017 has its entire fleet of trains fully powered by renewables. In their case they have opted for wind energy for the project. As we said, the difference is that it is not the train that absorbs that energy from the wind, but that the company that manages it uses intact windmills in Holland, Belgium and Finland.

Another example of this dependence is that of India, which although it also has trains that capture solar energy, they do so only for the energy consumed by the air conditioning and the lighting system, but not for movement on the tracks, which still depends on a diesel locomotive. That of Australia is undoubtedly great news to end the year.

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